8-week-old girl actually says “I love you” to mom… Adorable…

An 8-week-old girl actually says “I love you” to her mother… So adorable… We all know that babies’ brains have not yet developed to the level of complexity that their parents’ brains have. That is why babies cannot communicate; they simply make sounds in response to what is going on around them. Children, developed or not, are still human beings. Even if they are unable to respond, new parents can be confident that their baby understands what they are saying.

Then there are babies who appear to be able to communicate with their parents, but whether they make random murmurs that sound like words is debatable. One of the most recent videos that have people divided is one of an 8-week-old girl who appears to be saying “I love you” to her mother. This adorable little one should not be saying her first word at 8 weeks old. According to WebMD, most babies begin talking around 12 months of age, but this can vary.

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