A chatty toddler talks to his father like an adult.

Babies are generally thought to be cute and adorable. They have innocent reactions to things and are unaffected by adults’ stressful lives. However, few people are aware that babies can sometimes speak in the manner of older children.

Eryn Fitzgerald, a year-old girl, recently proved this statement. Even though she was small and had not yet learned to speak clearly, she continued to converse with her family members.

Eryn was recently caught on camera conversing with her father like any other grown-up child. Although she spoke in her baby language, it didn’t matter to her whether the listener understood her or not.

Eryn began the conversation by pointing something out with her fingers. Then she folded her fingers one by one, as if counting something. Finally, she folded her hands as if expecting an answer from her father.

“You’re kidding me,” he replied, and Eryn continued her conversation in her baby language. When she slowed her speech, her father interjected, asking, “Then what?” This prompted Eryn to continue her speech.

“Unbelievable,” her father said after she scratched her head. This naturally excited the baby, and she continued babbling as if complaining to her father. Throughout the conversation, however, the father remained patient.

She sat down on the ground as if she was exhausted after her brief conversation with her father. Babies have issues to discuss with their parents as well. It is only their inability to communicate clearly that prevents them from conversing clearly.

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A chatty toddler talks to his father like an adult.
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