A construction worker uses an excavator to save a dog from drowning

Everyone enjoys a heartwarming tale of heroics, especially when it involves a puppy. Those stories usually feature a dog saving a person. But this time it’s the other way around.

A construction crew working near an irrigation canal in Canton Pasaje, Ecuador, received word from their upstream team that a dog had fallen into the flowing river. They understood just what to do.

Even though the water flowed swiftly and they weren’t sure if the dog could hold his head above water, the construction crew tried to save the poor animal.

One of the men fearlessly hopped into an excavator bucket. His friend put him into the canal and waited for the water to sweep the dog toward him.

He just had one shot at doing it right. The worker stretched out and grabbed the dog as it ran by. The man almost let go of the slick pup, but he held on tight.

He scooped him into the bucket, and the excavator operator lifted them both to the safety of dry land. The dog was shaken up, but overall, none the worse for wear.

What an inspiring story of heroism! These construction workers didn’t think twice about saving a dog in need. Hats off to you, gentlemen! That puppy is lucky you were on the job.

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A construction worker uses an excavator to save a dog from drowning
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