A girl who was miraculously saved from passing away told her parents about the world she saw while “sleeping.”

Annie, a girl, told her about a unique Heaven encounter.

Everything began with the accident. It was summer, and the Powell family was swimming in the pool when they heard noises.

Her father stated that he observed a man carrying a girl in his arms and realized it was their 9-year-old daughter, Annie. She was in critical condition and required medical attention.

The lifeguard arrived at the drowning girl and started CPR, while an ambulance was called.

«During CPR, I noticed Annie was completely blue, and her eyes were rolled back in her head,» Cathy recalled. She appeared to be lifeless. She was only nine years old at the time. And I felt helpless, so I pleaded with God, ‘God, don’t take her.’ Allow her to come back.

After being given oxygen, the girl was evacuated by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Her parents realized at this point that what was happening was quite serious. Their daughter had drowned, and the doctors were doing everything they could to keep her alive.

The youngster, who had had a heart attack and respiratory failure, needed to be transferred to a different hospital for medical care.

«That’s when it hit me, you know, that she’s not entirely well, even if she’s breathing.» And I was wondering what was going on. And whether she will ever be the same, her father told CBN.

The Powells’ home church set aside time the day after the tragedy for Annie’s prayers. The girl’s parents were grateful to their community for their support, and they never gave up hope that their daughter’s health would improve soon.

Annie’s family, friends, and church members began praying for her as doctors tried everything they could to save her.

The next day, Annie’s blood and oxygen levels began to improve, and doctors immediately informed her parents that she would be fine.

Annie was released from the hospital five days later, with no physical or neurological disability and no memory loss.

The youngster then told her parents about what she saw in what she thought to be Heaven.

«I observed a lot of various colored butterflies.» They weren’t your typical, everyday hues. You couldn’t even picture the hues. I felt incredibly pleased, joyous, and loved, and it was all around me. »

Annie also described seeing a guy in white assisting her in the water, whom she thought was Jesus or an angel.

In the video below, the family discusses the event and their unusual experience.

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A girl who was miraculously saved from passing away told her parents about the world she saw while “sleeping.”
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