A heartfelt first salute from father to son

Nothing is more crucial in a child’s life than being recognized and accepted into the realm of adulthood by its parents. This parent did everything correctly.

Master Sergeant Michael Fisher was about to give the first salute to a newly commissioned US Marine Corps officer.

The fact that this newly commissioned US Marine Corps officer was none other than his son, Second Lieutenant Michael Triston Fisher, made it even more essential to him.

“I’ve seen you grow and mature into the man you are today,” Master Sergeant Fischer remarked, standing face to face with his son.

“A salute is a respectful gesture. “It is a delight to render you your first salute,” he continued, raising his hand in salute and adding, with a visible tremor of his voice, “but it is the greatest honor to say congratulations, sir, on your commissioning.”

Both Master Sergeant and Second Lieutenant Fisher were overjoyed. They exchanged handshakes and hugs, as is only fitting when a father and son recognize each other as equals in this world.

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A heartfelt first salute from father to son
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