A polite boy walking without shoes tears the hearts of the Internet

If you’re looking for a feel-good story today, this wonderful story will undoubtedly brighten your spirits. A young youngster is observed walking without shoes on the side of the road, clearly in need.

A stranger approaches him and inquires as to what transpired. The boy narrates a story of how he was at his friend’s house, but his friend chased him away, forcing him to leave all of his clothes behind.

Hugo is the name of the youngster, and the stranger asks him how he might assist. The boy informs him that his mother and father died when he was a child. Hugo has been walking for hours without wearing shoes!

Hugo was fortunate to come across the generosity and goodwill of BI Phakathi, commonly known as ‘The Secret South African Santa.’ BI Phakathi provides food and financial assistance to the needy and homeless.

BI records the videos without revealing his face and publishes them to his Facebook page and YouTube account, which has hundreds of thousands of views. He has decided to assist young Hugo today.

BI takes him to buy clothes and shoes as they shop together. He even gets Hugo lunch and a phone. He sends Hugo in a taxi to his destination and tells him to call when he gets to his spot. BI also gives him plenty of money to help him find housing.

This touching video is proof there is good in this world. BI Phakathi is an inspiration to us all. If everyone showed more compassion and kindness, the world could be a better place. The response to BI’s Youtube channel shows that people appreciate his efforts!

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A polite boy walking without shoes tears the hearts of the Internet
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