Adorable Toddler Twin Reaction When Dad Starts Playing Guitar for Them

When their father plays My Paradise, a tune he made on the guitar especially for his daughters, the toddler twins begin to dance. These sisters are the same infants whose dancing in their high chairs to their father’s guitar playing in 2012 became viral online.

The adorable video of two identical 19-month-old twins dancing was uploaded by YouTube user Brovadere, who writes:

«In this video, our 19-month-old identical twin girls can still be seen dancing to their father’s guitar. How kids develop their own dance moves is just remarkable! I wrote the song I’m performing specifically for them, and it’s an original.
The father of these gorgeous twin daughters is an independent artist who enjoys writing, producing, and mixing music, according to his youtube page.

The twins convert the area around their fireplace in the lounge into a dance floor while wearing matching clothes, having identical hairstyles, and, of course, sharing a love of music.

The twins are elementary school age now because the video was posted about seven years ago, but we like to assume that whenever their father picks up his guitar and starts playing, they still jam and hop.

These girls are the same infants who ruled the internet in 2012 by dancing to music, which is what they do best. Watch how they look at each other when the music starts as if to ask, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” This is what makes the video even more beautiful because it demonstrates how wonderful a twin bond is.

According to a McMaster University study, newborns that hear music have a higher likelihood of smiling. Compared to newborns that do not hear music, these musical babies are simpler to comfort when they cry. Additionally, increased exposure to music is associated with babies that are more likely to explore their surroundings. Smart parents should introduce their young children to music for all of these reasons.

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Adorable Toddler Twin Reaction When Dad Starts Playing Guitar for Them
Saying “Great!” is meaningless!!! What harmony. utter joy… VIDEO