After 22 years, an immigrant family’s emotional reunion takes place.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez and his brother moved to the United States from Mexico approximately 20 years ago.

Since then, the two brothers have created their own families and occupations in their new home.

Unfortunately, their parents were unable to accompany them to the United States, so they were separated for an extended period of time.

For Juan Carlos, it was hard to not be with his parents as he grew up. He said, “Family is everything and more for us. Mexicans always try to protect our parents. It was instilled in us at a young age in Mexico.”

Juan Carlos and his brother stated that each Christmas served as a reminder that their family was incomplete, and that the inability to bring their parents to the United States contributed to their anguish.

However, fate finally went in their favor and they were able to book flights for their parents to the United States after 22 long years.

When the big day arrived, the two brothers waved and tried to capture their parents’ attention at the airport, and their reaction will surely warm anyone’s heart.

As they hurried toward their parents, the two men were sniffling and crying. They embraced them as if they were children again. “I was like a kid,” Juan Carlos stated. At the time, all I wanted to do was hug my mother and father. They were content. They, too, couldn’t believe what was going on.”

Watch the Rodriguezes’ emotional reunion in the video below.

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After 22 years, an immigrant family’s emotional reunion takes place.
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