After being away for ten months, a military father surprises his twin daughters.

When the soldiers returned home with their families, it was one of the most Russian and impressive events. The hero oyster Captain Cody Kermerling and his college-age oysters were the focus of this story. Maria and Mikaela simply couldn’t accept the fact that their father had to leave college after only ten months of service in Kuwait. He did, however, pay a special visit to the University of Missouri during one of the season’s most important games.

Almost everyone at the college participated in the unexpected visit. The twins’ trainer persuaded them that during the game, they would honor their father as the “United Hero of Veterans Day.”

Mikaela explained. “We were having a good time at the Mizu basketball game when we were told we were going to introduce our father to the united hero of that day’s veterans, and we had no idea he was going to be there.” He grabbed Mikaela’s arm and turned to face her as the girls clapped on the floor. Mikaela explained. “All of a sudden, I felt as if someone was holding my hand. My first thought was who was catching me and what was going on. Then I turned around and realized it was him.”

When the twins realized the man was their father, they burst into tears and hugged him. Their happy coach’s and the University of Missouri’s efforts combined to create the wonderful idea of this wonderful reunion. Our soldiers have made numerous sacrifices for the sake of America. Many sacrifices can be made in order to leave their precious family time, such as leaving your daughters in college. Fortunately, Captain Cody Kermerling arrived safely home and paid a very special surprise visit, making the entire stadium very happy.

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After being away for ten months, a military father surprises his twin daughters.
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