After two years apart, a military daughter surprises her mother from inside a large box… VIDEO

The stunned mother screamed in surprise as she opened the massive box to find her military daughter, whom she hadn’t seen in almost two years due to her deployment. When 58-year-old Ruthie Patterson opened the box and discovered Portia Patterson, a US Army sergeant, she burst into tears and walked towards her daughter to hug her. Portia last saw her family in Dothan, Alabama, in August 2020, when she relocated from Washington State to Japan, where she continues to reside. Portia was unable to go on vacation due to the coronavirus pandemic, which she had always looked forward to given how close she is to her family.

Portia waited for news that she might return home to see her mother for 21 months, which came about two months before her big surprise. Portia informed her brother, a truck driver who is rarely at home but is very close to his mother, that she might be returning home in May 2022. The couple devised a strategy to ensure that they were both in Alabama at the same time, and they decided to surprise Ruthie on May 6, the eve of Mother’s Day.

While Ruthie was distracted by Portia’s cousin, Portia and her brother set up a large box in their mother’s yard, and Ruthie was called outside to check on the Mother’s Day present. Portia stated that she was nervous while waiting in the box, but that as soon as she saw her mother, all of her worries vanished. “As soon as she realized it was me, she was shocked and overwhelmed with excitement and tears of joy,” she said. “She even made me cry with happiness.” The reaction to this video has been both touching and inspiring. I had no idea it would go viral.

“I just wanted to share a happy video with those who take the time to watch because it made my family and I happy.”

My takeaway from this story is that I hope people who have the opportunity to visit their loved ones and return home do so. “ Life is too short and moves too quickly. This message is intended for both military personnel and civilians. “Relax and spend time with your loved ones.”

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After two years apart, a military daughter surprises her mother from inside a large box… VIDEO
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