AGT is impressed by a daredevil daughter and her fearless father’s high-flying stunt.

The daring tumblers from ‘The Nervous Nocks’ recently performed on America’s Got Talent alongside father and daughter with their amazing gymnastic tricks. Angelina and Michelangelo, trapeze artists from The Nervous Nocks, terrified the adjudicators and the entire audience with their incredible performance.

Simon Cowell clarified this for the other appointed authorities they met on AGT during a discussion with Michael Angelo. However, due to Michelangelo’s cold, the group was forced to withdraw from the show.

There were a few more people in ‘The Nervous Nocks’ band.

We’ll talk about Angelina, a gifted tumbler who performed on AGT, and his equally capable 56-year-old father, Michael Angelo.

These presentations were made in 1840 and continue to engage the public to this day. And they eventually won their last name back from the English Queen. “She let my granddad know that swinging the shaft was ‘nervous,'” the judges said.

Their performance rendered all of the appointed officials speechless.

The members rushed up the swinging shafts, stunning the judges with their blindfolded stunts performed at an incredible height.

They were effectively hailed by the swarm.

“My hands are wet, my heart is pulsating,” Heidi Klum said of their performance. I get a little queasy watching the shafts swing this way and that, and then I think about both of you. I’m exhausted. You’re all incredible.” When Simon inquired, Sofia Vergara also stated that it was an extremely turbulent presentation and that she was extremely tense because she was concerned that they might not be able to get him.

Michelangelo responded that presumably not. Simon then proceeded with his performance evaluation. “What’s most amazing about your performance is that you look so ordinary, but you’re not,” he told the couple. What you just did was fantastic, in my opinion.” Yes, all three appointed authorities said.’ (Howdy Mandel was unavailable), and they advanced to the next round of AGT.

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AGT is impressed by a daredevil daughter and her fearless father’s high-flying stunt.
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