AGT: Uncle and niece perform “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

The uncle-niece duo of Joseph B. Clarke (Jojo) and Bri’Anna Harper had made a big impression on the AGT judges with their outstanding auditions. Both have been singing on the internet. However, their appearance on American Idol was the first time they performed in front of a live audience.

Jojo had previously appeared on AGT and was a member of the singing trio Resound on Season 15. They were eliminated in the quarterfinals, however. When asked what he learned from his previous experiences, the singer stated, “never give up.”

When the judges asked Bri what she planned to do if she won the million dollars, she replied, “she wanted to make the world smile and make the world a better place.” So if she ever won the money, she would donate it to charity.

For their AGT Season 17 auditions, Jojo and Bri chose the classic song, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Bri’s vocal chops were excellent. Both of them surprised the audience as they gave a performance that showed a happy vibe.

All the AGT judges and the audience present at the auditions gave the performers a standing ovation. Simon Cowell told the singers, “That, for me, was the definition of joy and magic.”

The little girl Bri was unable to stop smiling as she was praised by all the judges. Howie Mandel spoke about the uncle and niece as a set and told everyone, “I loved it,” “I think this whole room loved it. I think people in America loved it. But even more important, you’re going to be remembered.”

The uncle-and-niece duo’s performance earned them 4 “yeses,” sending them to the next round of AGT. The effortless singing and matured voice, along with her uncle’s talented singing, gave their performance a wow factor.

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AGT: Uncle and niece perform “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”
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