An emotional performance by a war veteran who auditioned for The Voice.

A 49-year-old service veteran auditioned for The Voice and delivered an emotional performance. You must see this emotional audition.

Crissy served in the military for 13 years before retiring shortly after completing her deployment mission. She was sent to Afghanistan in 2009 and witnessed numerous things that have stayed with her to this day. Even though she was physically hurt, many of her wounds were mental and emotional in nature.

She witnessed so many things she wishes she could undo. But those recollections will live on in her mind forever. For her, the war never truly ended, and every day remains a battle. After returning home, she was diagnosed with PTSD, which has caused her numerous difficulties.

However, singing has been her escape, leading her to audition for a seat on a team on The Voice. She performed Cold Chisel’s “When The War Is Over” for her The Voice audition. It was a direct statement of her feelings regarding her PTSD battle.

She thoroughly immersed herself in the song, putting everything she was feeling into the words she sung. Her audition was loaded with passion, and she sang with her eyes closed the entire time. And she was overtaken with emotion when she concluded her song.

She was shocked to see that one of the judges turned their chair around to have her on their chair. The judges were in awe of her performance and after hearing her story, everyone gave her a huge round of applause for her service. Our prayers are with her for her recovery from PTSD.

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An emotional performance by a war veteran who auditioned for The Voice.
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