Allie Sherlock performs ‘Shallow’ to touch the hearts of passerby’s

Jacob and Allie perform “Shallow” from A Star Are Born. This duet’s young vigor bursts through each note.

With its music, A Star Is Born grabbed the hearts of millions. It has produced innumerable covers over the years, with ‘Shallow’ being the most popular. Everyone wants to sing it, but only a handful can hit the high notes in Lada Gaga’s verse.

teen sensation Allie Sherlock took the mic and handled the high notes with ease. It wasn’t karaoke; it was the work of a brilliant singer.

The most surprising aspect was how effectively the melodies blended between Jacob Koopman and Allie Sherlock. His guitar playing and voice were flawless and never faltered throughout the song.

When it comes to music, there are innumerable covers to pick from. When you choose to cover ‘Shallow,’ you are making a statement to the world.

Allie has been active on social media and is still honing her vocal skills. Jacob continues to sing and write and has given powerful concerts all over the world. Both of these artists can thank ‘Shallow’ for their unexpected collaboration.