After their car falls 500 feet off a cliff, a miracle after a miracle saves the father and his young son.

When a car falls off a cliff in California, rescuers and medical personnel all say the same thing: this rescue was nothing short of miraculous. Miracle after miracle saves a father and son after their car falls 500 feet off a cliff in this daring and extremely perilous rescue.

A firefighter returning from a call on Highway 49 noticed an out-of-place mile marker. And it was thanks to his “eagle eye” and diligence that he discovered a crumpled and mangled car 500 feet below.

He expected it to be a recovery mission rather than a rescue mission. Typically, crashes like this result in no survivors. Especially since it had been raining that day.

The scene astounded officials. This car may never have been found due to the rural setting and hazardous road conditions. It’s a wonder anyone noticed them in the first place.

However, when they discovered the car, it was clear that it had rolled and flipped several times down 500 feet. Despite their fall down the cliff, Scott and his son were both alive.

The rescue team got right to work getting this precious father and son to safety. Meanwhile, the rain continued to pelt their efforts, which had taken four hours and a lot of muscle.

Rescuers stunned authorities by pulling Scott and his son to the top of the cliff.

“Both father and son were talking when they reached the top of the embankment after being dragged up the hill by rescuers,” they said. They were taken to valley hospitals,” they said. “We don’t know how long they were down there before they were discovered.”

Sheriff Jeremy Briese may not have believed in miracles before but now he’s calling this rescue a miracle in the mountains. He said, “The miracles were on top of many miracles.”

He went on to say that miracles occurred from the beginning. From being spotted to the rescue team’s quick response and only having enough rope to haul the family up the cliff. When they got Scott and his son to the top, they were astounded to see that both were alive, talking, and had only minor injuries.

Nothing is too difficult for God.

We know the God of miracles cares about us. He has the ability to make a blind man see and a lame man walk. He is the God who parted the Red Sea and knows the names of all the stars in the sky. If that isn’t enough, we also know he can bring the dead back to life.

That is certainly the case in this incredible rescue. Scott and his son should not be alive, according to all accounts. But, because God placed the firefighter on the highway at the right time, this family has a miraculous story to tell.

God is not limited by our world or our efforts. He intervenes on our behalf. He is the Author and Designer of our lives. Scott, his son, and their rescue team can have faith that God’s mighty power is more than enough to save us in our darkest hour. We know he can make everything work for our benefit.

WATCH: Miracle Upon Miracle Keeps Father And Young Son Safe After Their Car Falls 500 Feet Off A Cliff