There are regular disagreements among the couple’s acquaintances concerning the appearance of their one-year-old son: Ruth’s friends demonstrate that he is a carbon copy of his mother, while the male relatives attempt to demonstrate the contrary.

The love tale of Dmitry, a Yakut, and Ruth, a Nigerian beauty, is perfect for a romantic film narrative.

He is a blond with blue eyes, and she is a beauty with long legs and stunning black hair who is used to the blazing sun of Africa.

On the street, two young people met.

Dmitry was on vacation and wanted to shoot some images of the gorgeous streets for his collection.

And then he noticed her.

He got out his camera and began photographing her while admiring her grace and beauty.

Ruth was saying her goodbyes to the city where she had graduated from university with a diploma in economics that evening.

It was time to go home.

However, the story turned completely differently: goodbye sunny Nigeria, hello frosty Yakutsk.

No one took their romance seriously, but you can’t escape fate.

In 2018, in February, dressed in a teddy bear costume, Dima proposed to his girlfriend right on the street. Ruth happily replied, “Yes.”

In 2020, the couple had a son.

And I would like to note that the little one looks like both mom and dad: he has fair skin, dark eyes and nice African curls.

By Mariam