A young man named Robin Crauwels was discovered during the current season of The Voice. He is already quite gifted at the age of 19 and is having a great time on The Voice. On the eve of a live show, Robin says, “Everything has to give way to this once-in-a-lifetime moment.”

Crauwels has two interests: piano and singing. Despite having only been playing the piano for two years, he chose to perform his Blind Audition song, Billie Eilish’s ‘I Love You,’ on the piano. And it was all worthwhile! These are some of his most impressive performances.

This video begins with his audition of Ellie Elish’s song cover “I love you” while playing the piano. His voice is nothing short of extraordinary. He sung with the lyrics as if he had written them himself. It is without a doubt the best vocal performance I’ve heard in a long time.

During the knockouts, he then sings “please don’t say you love me” by Gabrielle Aplin. He performs this while playing the guitar, taking the lyrics apart harmoniously piece by piece.

His second performance in the video was when he performed “lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat with Nora Jehoul. They worked together harmoniously to create some of the most heartfelt music you’ve ever heard. They performed the words flawlessly and melodiously.

The next song he sang live was Justin Bieber’s “peaches” with Daniel Ceasar. He sung it while also playing the piano, his voice sounding similar to the original songwriters’ idea. He did get up from the keyboard to demonstrate his rapping abilities.

Other songs include a live rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey, Cream, Naked, Drivers’ License, and his final performance of peach.” These are only a few of his videos, and they show off his musical talent. He is incredibly gifted, and his voice is exquisite. We can only assume that his near-perfect performances will only become better in the future.

By Mariam