Siblings Sing ‘You Are The Reason’ As A Beautiful Tribute To Mom And Leave Everyone Speechless

Esther and Ezekiel Muteesasira adore their mother, and on Canada’s Got Talent, the siblings perform a touching tribute to her called ‘You Are The Reason.’

“You Are the Reason,” which was released in November 2017, could be a song about a lover, a spouse, a child, or a friend. Esther and Ezekiel Muteesasira, a brother-and-sister duo, sing the song on CGT, especially for their beautiful mother!

“You Are the Reason” was recorded by English singer Calum Scott, who filmed a video for the song in Kyiv, Ukraine, which looks very different today. Esther and Ezekiel are Ugandans who have moved to Canada with their mother. That’s a global set of circumstances for a song that is understood in every language and country!

Here are a few lines from the song the siblings sing for their mom:

“I’d climb every mountain

And swim every ocean

Just to be with you

And fix what I’ve broken”

Esther and Ezekiel, 17 and 13, respectively, are coordinated in sparkling dark green and black. They enter from the opposite sides of the smoky stage, looking and sounding far older than their ages. Their notes are rich and strong and beautiful.

And, there’s no fighting or discord between these siblings as they sing; their voices are wonderfully in sync, complimenting one another in the most harmonious ways!

The two cross each other and take choreographed steps up the stairs in the middle of the stage, appearing to move Heavenward with each one! The judges sit solemnly, seemingly in awe and admiration of the teens.

Howie and guest judge Jason Priestly examine the two talents as Lilly shakes her head. Then, at 2:32, a photo appears behind the children. And they’re with Mom!

The judges now know about who these siblings are singing about! Howie shakes his head again, his eyes well up, and he smiles. Muteesasira’s singers are inspirational, and the judges adore them!

Their mother is a gospel singer, and their father is a pastor. Esther and Ezekiel were separated from their mother, whom they adore, for five years. This is the story they tell in this ET Canada article.