An American Idol contestant auditions with her younger sister.

A beautiful, southern girl from Kentucky’s heart auditioned for American Idol, and her audition was just adorable. And it was all because to a very special, charming visitor.

Some American Idol competitors enjoy making their auditions memorable. Layla Spring brought her 7-year-old sister, Dyxie, along to impress the judges with her southern charm. The judges were overjoyed to see such a gorgeous little girl as Layla and Dyxie entered the room.

And they adored their rustic look. Dyxie is a sweet and feisty little lady. Her grin brightened the room, and the gap left by her missing teeth made the judges swoon. And she is consuming all of the attention. Layla doesn’t seem to mind Dyxie doing her thing. Despite the fact that Layla is the one auditioning, Dyxie sang a little song for the judges.

It was hilarious to witness her mini-audition. She did an excellent job, and the judges praised her. And they just wanted to vote for her for fun. Even though she is too young to compete on American Idol at the moment, she is thrilled that the judges want her to audition again when she is older.

Layla then impressed the judges with the audition. She sang “Who’s Loving You” by The Jackson Five. She has a very strong voice and she did a great job. And standing in the corner watching her, was Dyxie who was beaming with pride. Dyxie really wants to see her go to Hollywood and the judges did too.