The bride wore her wedding gown again to commemorate their 70th wedding anniversary.

After 70 years, the couple decided to commemorate their wedding anniversary in an unconventional way.

Their granddaughter is a wedding photographer, and she volunteered to arrange a photo shoot for her grandparents, which they couldn’t do for their wedding.

This possibility delighted the pair. Nancy put on her bridal gown, which she carefully kept, while Melvin put on his military uniform.

They both enjoyed the shoot, as evidenced by the images; they smiled continuously and looked at each other with the same warmth that they did back then.

The photos were taken in their garden at home.

The images reflect how much they value the time they have spent together.

Nancy’s wedding gown was in wonderful shape, and she looked stunning in it.

“I treasured my clothing for many years since it held special meaning for me.”

It was fantastic.

“It felt great to put it on again and recollect the wedding day while taking pictures,” the woman said.

“I consider myself fortunate to be her spouse,” Melvin stated.

Melvin enjoyed the photo shoot.

When he saw his wife in her wedding gown, the memories flooded back to him.

They have five children, twelve grandchildren, and twenty-one great-grandchildren.

They stated that the key to a happy marriage is to always respect one another, even when you disagree.