On America’s Got Talent, a teen performs a moving song for her father battling Cancer

It is extremely difficult for any child to witness their parent’s illness. But knowing it is terminal is even more heartbreaking. Evie Clair, 14, recently shared her family’s struggle on America’s Got Talent before performing Christina Perri’s song “Arms.”

“My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer about a year ago,” Evie tearfully told the judges. “They gave him a 5% chance of survival, and he kept working and supporting our family.” So I’m here tonight to sing for him… When my father is having a bad day, I sing him this song to make him feel better and to give him the strength to keep fighting.”

Despite her emotional state, Evie took Simon Cowell’s words of encouragement to heart and launched into her performance, with her father watching from the side stage.

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