The Golden Voice of an 18-Year-Old Babysitter Went Viral, and Now She’s Auditioning For American Idol

Before impressing the judges on American Idol with her golden voice, 18-year-old Delaney Wilson went viral on TikTok as a singing babysitter. And her story demonstrates what a difference it can make to have someone believe in you!

Nicki Maher is a mom influencer who begins the video with the amusing phrase “mom check.” She depicts a group of people in a room and claims that they are living their dreams. Delaney, her babysitter, is up for an audition.

Ryan interviews the two, and Delaney reveals that Nicki secretly filmed her while she was babysitting. Delaney had no idea how she sounded until the video went viral. Nicki, Delaney’s mother, encouraged her along the way and asked if she could post the video, which Delaney agreed to.

The video received 18 million views in total. American Idol contacted them, and Nicki told Delaney Wilson that this was her chance.

Delaney walks in with a young man on guitar and sings Opportunity by Sia for American Idol auditions. Each judge smiles as she sings angelically. She sings about how precious this moment is. Delaney beams at Nicki after she finishes, and the judges applaud.

They tell her it was amazing, that she is young, but they want to help her roughen up the edges so she can compete. “Way to lose your babysitter,” they said. “It’s fine,” Nicki says, “we’ll share her with the world.” She and Nicki embrace and cry tears of joy as they tell her that her life is about to change and that she is accepted.

This young woman is living her dream thanks to her mother. We all require that kind of empowerment. We know that when we have Christ, He champions us in our gifts and callings to honor and worship Him through our own stories.

This relationship can encourage us because we know that our God is cheering us on every day as we run this race.