Wife helps husband recover from severe brain damage sustained while serving as a navy seal

A wedding anniversary should be spent in your spouse’s arms, whether through a candlelit dinner, an out-of-town excursion, or simply cuddling.

This was how Navy Seal Jonathan Grant and pilates instructor Laura Browning Grant had planned to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, but fate had other plans.

Just a few weeks before their anniversary, the charming couple, who had been married since 2012, were facing one of their most difficult battles.

Jonathan, a Navy Seal who had been deployed three times overseas, was killed in an automobile accident while on duty in North Carolina.

The combat medic instructor of the Navy Seal remained unresponsive at the collision site as a result of the terrible car accident. As a result, he sustained catastrophic brain damage known as a diffuse axonal injury and went into a coma.

While experts questioned whether Jonathan would be able to wake up, stand, or speak again, his wife remained optimistic. Jonathan awoke two months after being in a coma.

Jonathan has been working tirelessly every day since waking up from his coma to fully recover. And, while he has yet to regain his ability to speak, he has re-learned how to feed himself.

Furthermore, the Navy Seal was attempting to learn to stand on his own.

Laura, Jonathan’s wife, is a dedicated and supportive wife to her husband, just as Jonathan worked tirelessly to improve his health. Laura even uses her Pilates instructor experience to help her husband recover.

“I knew as soon as we got into the ICU that movement was going to heal,” Laura explained.

“So, just lying there, his body won’t be able to circulate properly.” So I’d massage his feet every night because in Pilates, we always start at the bottom and work our way up.”

Jonathan is making significant progress toward his holistic rehabilitation by participating in numerous therapies such as physical, speech, occupational, and recreational therapies.

Laura shared an awesome video of Jonathan taking his first steps, which he chose to celebrate with a kiss, in the middle of July.

The beautiful incident, which was taken on camera and posted on Instagram, quickly went viral, garnering over 4 million views and an outpouring of support from netizens.

Laura told The Knot, “The physical therapist asked if I wanted to help.” “I kicked off my flip-flops, rolled up my pants, and dove right in.”

Jonathan’s steps and touching kiss reminded the supportive wife of their wedding day, which took place at the Rose Hill Plantation in North Carolina.

“We hadn’t stood and held each other since before the accident.” But the moment we lifted him up, he began kissing my neck.” Jonathan simply cannot stop himself from showing his love for his wife, whom he clearly misses.

Laura also expressed how much love and support their relationship has received from people all across the world.

According to the supporting wife, she received hundreds of emails and messages on Instagram from individuals who said that her enthusiasm in their circumstances inspired them to believe that good people still exist and that TRUE LOVE exists.

Many people also expressed how Laura and Jonathan restored their faith in true love.

A GoFundMe page was also created to assist with Jonathan’s medical expenses after his military benefits expired.

15 months later, the couple has exceeded their goal of raising $200,000 thanks to the incredible generosity and goodwill of those who heard their story.

As of today, the Navy Seal veteran is getting closer to full recovery with each passing day. His progress and growth can be seen on his proud wife’s Instagram account.

True enough, rising over the obstacles and hurdles life throw at us is hard. However, sharing these burdens with someone who never ceases to believe and support us, sure makes the baggage lighter.

Watch the inspiring and touching video of Jonathan and Laura below, proving to the world that true love does not only exist in fairy tales but can be seen in real life as well.