After the wedding reception, the family sings a difficult Irish song.

Nobody wanted to leave after the wedding festivities, so this family sings to keep the party going. And it was all documented on video!

Weddings are a lot of fun, especially the wedding reception. After a grand celebration, no one always wants to go home. That is certainly the case with these visitors! The wedding reception is over, but a few family members and friends are still celebrating. So they’re keeping the party going by singing.

Because the bride comes from a musical family, what better way to round out the festivities than with some singing? She decided to delegate it to her sister, who would then lead the song. And they did an excellent job!

This is a fun traditional Irish song called “The Rattlin Bog,” and the lyrics are a little difficult for most people to sing. But, with the assistance of her new brother-in-law, the bride’s sister is up to the task!

They sound great too! The bride is harmonizing with her sister while the rest of the guest join in also. Even the lady who is recording the video is having a great time singing out loud. The video quickly went viral when it was posted online. Everyone loved it! You have got to see it!