Consider ourselves to be 70 years old. Here’s how the 70-year-old dancer sees herself:

And, to be completely honest, where and how do you see yourself at the age of 70?

Most of us imagine ourselves as grandparents at this age, watering flowers, baking pies, and swinging comfortably in a rocking chair.

Few people envisage themselves actively dancing at the age of 70, let alone in such a fashion as to give the young a run for their money!

Today we’ll introduce you to a fiery Australian couple.

Dietmar Ehrentout is 71 years old, and his wife Nellie is 65; this couple’s love is dance.

With their flawless rock & roll and boogie-woogie, they literally blow up the dance floor.

The duo rose to prominence after a photo series of them dancing at a veterans’ gathering went viral.

According to the pair, they have been dancing for more than a dozen years; they found dancing for themselves in the 1950s when rock and roll was the most popular dance.

It has been an important part of their lives ever since.

In the photos, Ditmar performs quite complex supports, and Nellia performs them brilliantly.

The most interesting thing is that Ditmar and Nellia teach dancing, they want to pass on all their knowledge to a new generation.