‘She was so proud of herself,’ Rory Feek and his 8-year-old daughter Indy sing in a sweet duet.

There is no better feeling than sharing your passion with your child. Indiana “Indy” Feek would join her parents Rory and Joey Feek onstage during their shows when she was a baby. Even after Joey died of cervical cancer when Indy was only two years old, Rory continued to perform, and little Indy joined her father onstage.

It wasn’t until recently that Indy, now eight, expressed an interest in singing with her father. “It didn’t take me long to decide which song it should be – one I’ve known and loved for years.” Actually, for decades,” the country singer explained on his blog.

Rory assisted his daughter in learning the lyrics to a song he taught his oldest daughter Heidi when she was the same age as Indy. Shel Silverstein’s “Daddy What If” was the song. He typed out the lyrics before drawing pictures next to the parts Indy would sing. Rory also changed the lyrics from “Daddy” to “Papa” to reflect Indy’s nickname.