The X Factor has given us legends in the making, with some contestants proving their uniqueness from the start. There are some auditions that you will never forget. We’ve compiled ten unforgettable X Factor auditions from around the world, highlighting people whose charisma and showmanship make them unmissable.

Some artists are here to stay, while others are there to make a statement. Whatever perspective you take on these ten entertainers, their auditions raised the bar, delivering electrifying energy that the audience adored. There will be a slew of new international superstars singing and dancing their way into X Factor history.

Our list of the top ten unforgettable X Factor auditions from around the world includes the most iconic contestants. Although not all made it to the final round, they all impressed with their presence, personality, and showmanship, transforming them into unforgettable stars. The X Factor UK, Malta, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, Georgia, and the Philippines are all represented by singers.

By Mariam