This family photograph will go down in history. Everyone thought they were just stopping by for a quick photo, but they had no idea what was about to happen. When everyone was about to smile, one of the brothers said, “say cheese.” Then, for the second photo, he announces to the entire group, “say Hailey’s pregnant!”

Lili, Hailey’s mother, was front and center for the photo and jokingly joined in on the fun. As the third photograph was being taken, the brother remarked, “say Lili’s going to be a grandmother!” Lili followed the group’s lead and repeated it for the camera.

Something clicked in Lili’s head after the photos were finished. She realized it wasn’t a joke when her children announced their pregnancy to the family! Lili can be heard saying excitedly, “no way really?” She then hugs Hailey tightly. Hailey then informed everyone that she was already 9 weeks pregnant!

This was such a creative way to do a pregnancy announcement. Having the video recording while the pictures were supposed to be snapping was such an amazing idea. Way to go Hailey on the clever way to announce your pregnancy!

By Mariam