Just look at her now!The girl had been abandoned because of her skin color, but her adoptive parents did everything they could to make her happy.

Michaela DePrins is a well-known dancer who has appeared in Beyonce and Madonna’s music videos as well as the film adaptation of the ballet “Coppelia.”

She was raised in an orphanage, however, and was rejected by relatives due to vitiligo, a skin condition that caused white spots to appear on her skin.

She happened upon a copy of “Dance” magazine one day and began flipping through it.

“The dancers in the magazine appeared to be so graceful and joyful.”

“I liked what I saw on the inside,” the girl remembers.

On January 6, 1995, she was born in Sierra Leone.

Her mother died of starvation shortly after her father, and when she was three years old, her uncle placed her in the care of an orphanage.

The children were given ratings ranging from one to twenty-seven, with one being the most preferred child who received the most attention and special treatment.

DePrins was ranked 27th on the list.

She went on to say that she didn’t get enough food, the best clothes, or was the last one to pick out toys.

“Every day they told me they wouldn’t adopt me because no one needs a baby with that skin,” she explained.

Charles and Elaine DePrins, an American couple who had already lost three children, decided to adopt Michaela DePrins.

Her new mother was quickly made aware of her daughter’s interest in ballet.

Elaine enrolled her daughter Michaela in dance lessons at the Rock School of Dance in Philadelphia.

Mikaela was five years old.

Despite this, she could not overcome her complexes and asked her teacher if vitiligo would prevent her from succeeding.

The teacher told her that she didn’t notice the white spots on her skin because she was so absorbed in watching her dance.

Michaela DePrins has become a source of motivation for millions of young people living in poverty because she encourages them not to give up, always hope, and dream of more.

She joined a charity organization that helps children around the world affected by conflicts and took on the role of an ambassador for this organization.