We see the cutest appearance ever in this clip from The Voice of Australia! Viewers are captivated as the young girl walks out with her family, holding a microphone. What follows is fantastic! The judges have turned away from the stage and are wondering what is causing the audience to react in this manner. “I mean if there’s no puppy on stage!” says one judge.

“Our teams are full,” says another. I’ll be furious if it’s the cutest thing in the world and really good!” He continues to speak with Keith Urban, saying, “They’ve already won over the public.” The song begins, and The O’Donnells perform stunning harmonies to Lady Gaga’s hit “Edge of Glory.” The multi-generational 7-piece group adds a hint of bluegrass to the superstar’s synth-pop tune.

The O’Donnells have two seniors and two children, as well as three other band members, and a banjo, guitar, mandolin, and bass. They perform verse one, and all of the judges beg Keith to spin the chair! Urban presses a button and begins spinning halfway through the chorus. As soon as he sees the group, he stands up and exclaims loudly, “Wow!” The audience has already risen to their feet and begun clapping. The little boy stares straight ahead, taken aback by all the attention. She manages to do the cutest singing at the end of the song to enhance the ending!

By Mariam