“Well, we weren’t expecting that,” all four judges say of the 64-year-old… šŸŽ„VIDEO

Every comment made me laugh, and they were all on point. Kenny Petrie is a name to remember. The man is 64 years old and appears to be any other cute grandpa in the neighborhood. Of course, he’s a nice guy, but when he walked onto the stage of the British talent show, he said a little prayer to the rock gods before tearing his heart out.

The “Rock Legend” entered the stage and spoke through his guitar. Petri is actually the company’s director. He is no stranger to music, as he frequently performs live on stage. The 64-year-old guitar maker has a sizable fan base. Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alyosha Dixon, and David Walliams had no idea they were in the presence of such a gifted man.

Petrie starts playing that familiar riff that Aerosmith and Run-DMC played on every radio station in the 1980s the moment he stands up with a guitar dangling from his shoulders. Kenny insisted on everyone going their own way!