On Britain’s Got Talent, four silver foxes perform the unthinkable.

When four enthusiastic grandmas dazzled millions of people worldwide at a prominent reality talent competition, they proved that age is all in the mind. Even people half their age were impressed and envious of their dance abilities.

Simon Cowell, the iconic talent judge, rarely smiles or reacts positively to a performance by an ambitious performer. These four older citizens, on the other hand, got him on his feet, cheering and smiling from ear to ear.

The four grandmothers formed a group called The Cacooners, which was a play on words. The title alludes to the famous film Cocoon, in which elderly individuals discover a pool that rejuvenates them.

Heather, Michelle, Lynn, and Maxine proudly took the stage. Their tapdancing talents and flashy attire astounded an unsuspecting crowd and judging panel.

Their ages varied from 65 to 80, however, their performance did not indicate they were that old. Even the most cynical observers, such as Simon Cowell, were won over by upbeat music and onbeat tapping.

The Cocoons appeared on an episode of Britain’s Got Talent, which was broadcast globally. They scored four unanimous yeses from the judges and advanced to the show’s next round.

This beautiful and motivating video is well-deservedly popular. It’s no surprise that millions of people around the world have seen and shared it. Grandmas, go!