On America’s Got Talent, Dustin Tavella uses magic to tell a heartbreaking story.

Dustin Tavella, a magician on America’s Got Talent, used mind-reading tricks in his audition to share a heartfelt story from his own life. And the incredible performance is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed!

Dustin begins by telling the audience that he is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. As he proudly introduces his wife and son, he appears to be a nice and laid-back guy. Dustin expresses his delight in combining the two types of “magic.”

The first is a stage performance, while the second is “when one individual decides to positively impact another human life forever.” Dustin Tavella then has each of America’s Got Talent’s four judges complete a task.

Heidi is shuffled a deck of cards. She chooses one card and keeps it hidden. Sophia has a February calendar on which she must circle any date. Howie gives his last name and writes it down on paper. Dustin instructs Simon to jot down any random time on a scrap of paper. Finally, he requests that Terry share “one inspiring word that sums up his heart and passion.” Terry responds, “Power.”

After completing each task, Dustin reveals that he and his wife adopted Zander when he was two months old.

First, he takes a stuffed polar bear from the box and has Heidi turn her card, revealing a polar bear. Dustin then instructs Terry to open the email, which contains two photos of the adoption day and Zander sitting in a box.

Sophia explains that the date she circled was February 21, 2020, which corresponded to the adoption date on the box in the picture. Then it said “Judge Smith” on the box, which was Howie’s last name chosen at random. Dustin then asks Simon what time he wrote, and it was 7:04. Terry enlarges the image and notices that the time on the clock is 7:04. Everyone is completely taken aback.

Finally, Dustin Tavella informs America’s Got Talent audience that they are not the heroes of the story, but that the birth mother should be recognized. He asks Terry what word he chose, and Terry responds, “power.” He directs Terry to the next image, which shows the birth mother holding a sign that says “power.” The audience erupts in applause, and every single judge joins in with a standing ovation.

As a believer, this causes me to ponder God’s mystery and how He has revealed Himself to us. But there will always be new things to learn as we go through life. The mystery adds to the fun.

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On America’s Got Talent, Dustin Tavella uses magic to tell a heartbreaking story.
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