A 9-year-old girl makes history on the American talent show by singing with a voice much above her years.

Her voice has the cadence of someone who has trained for years.

Each youngster has a dream.

One of the most lovely things for parents to witness is their child doing what they love as their eyes shine.

Unfortunately, not all children would have their parents’ support. Some people may only be able to revisit their dreams as distant memories.

A young girl, age 9, tried out for America’s Got Talent.

Meet Victory Brinker, a shining star who aspires to achieve her goals. She is fortunate to have a mother who is in favor of her goal of becoming a popular singer.

Hard labor is nothing new for victory.
Little Victory would sing all day long, according to her mother. She would act in this manner in front of her large and lovely family.

This girl wanted to audition for AGT, and her mom wanted to support her.

“There’s nothing more touching, as a parent, than to see your child do what they love to do,” Christine said to AGT.

As Victory presented herself on stage, she gave everyone her warm smile.

If she won the challenge, Simon questioned what she would do with a million dollars. The young girl promised Simon a glitter-adorned rainbow blouse.

Victory claims Simon requires color.
Victory’s singing got everyone’s attention, but none was prepared for what came next.

The young girl began singing the well-known song “Juliet’s Waltz,” which is from the opera “Roméo et Juliette.”

A voice that belies her age.
Victory is just nine years old, but she astounded everyone with her singing prowess.

Even just hearing her sing would give you chills. As Victory began singing the song’s challenging notes, the judges gasped.

An amusing tidbit about opera singers is provided here.
Did you know that due of their singing ability, they can project their vocals in a full orchestra?

Opera singers are capable of singing at various sound frequencies. Even at such a young age, Victory is capable of doing this.

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A 9-year-old girl makes history on the American talent show by singing with a voice much above her years.
All Judges are impressed by her slick performance and Rihanna cover