Japanese mother demonstrates what it’s like to raise twins and triplets, all of whom are boys.

It’s difficult to raise twins or triplets.

Imagine what it would be like for a resident of Japan to raise triplets who are 4 years old and twins who are 7 years old.

And the boys all! Satina started an Instagram page where she posts humorous images from the day-to-day life of a mother of many kids to describe her life, which she describes as more like “organized chaos” than anything else.

Satina has five children despite having had two pregnancies and two births. What led to this?

The first pregnancy resulted in twins, and the second in triplets, so everything is straightforward.

With the such friendly company, a mother with many children has no time to be bored.

Satina loves to pick up interesting images for children.

Her boys are always dressed stylishly and with taste.

It is not surprising, because a mother with many children is fond of children’s fashion.

And she hones her skills on boys, picking up bright and colorful clothes for them.

If you look through her Instagram, it becomes clear that the life of a mother of five children is the same daily duties and cares that are painfully familiar to all mothers.

Here she is resting with the kids at the sea.

And then Satina prepared healthy and delicious smoothies for the kids.

More than 20 thousand users follow the life of a large family.

They are even referred to as the most fashionable Japanese family online.

In addition to adorable photos of boys, Satina’s Instagram is also full of the happy, everyday moments that every mom cherishes.