Since they are often referred to as “man’s best friends,” dogs and people clearly have a special bond. They are flexible creatures that form bonds with other humans, even young children. Dogs are extremely social animals, just like people.

All dogs have a mating drive and den instincts; it is a component of what is referred to as their “herd instinct,” according to Alexandra Bassett, lead dog trainer and behavior specialist for Dog Savvy in Los Angeles. It makes sense that a dog who is devoted to his family and has a strong pack instinct would guard the new arrival when they arrived.

Dogs love kids and can develop close relationships with them as a result of their shared time. A child’s desire for a playmate and someone to pay attention to them, especially in the case of a young puppy, is shared by both dogs and children. Your child’s development may benefit physically and psychologically from the special bond they develop with their puppy.

The fact that dogs make kids happy is one of the most important advantages. The chemical foundations of happy emotions, serotonin, and dopamine, have been shown to rise in people who socialize with dogs. They also enjoy each other’s company.

By Mariam