3-year-old internet sensation!

At the age of three, Claire Ryan Crosby became a YouTube sensation. Their music videos were made by her father, Dave Crosby, a musician and producer with a YouTube channel. At a very young age, Claire began to speak, and we quickly realized that she was skilled at giving presentations. After turning one, I can still picture her drumming her hands on the tiny keyboard we had in the living room. After repeatedly striking the same note, she began singing the same note. I was certain she could sing at that point.

Disney tunes became my obsession as a result. Frozen was the beginning, but we also exposed her to some classics; after seeing The Little Mermaid, she instantly fell in love. She requested Part of Your World every time we drove after we bought it for her. Soon she began reciting the entire song verbatim everywhere.

One time, when I was paying for my oil change, I started singing the Little Mermaid song and acting all dramatically as I walked around the waiting area. Everyone in the waiting area laughed at this, and several individuals took out their phones to video it. This inspired me to upload the video to YouTube. We eventually produced our first music video for a song from The Little Mermaid a few months later, over the Christmas break.