Many people will recall the 1996 smash hit. Casablanca. Jessica Jay performed the song. This song was almost as popular as other hits of the time, such as It’s My Life, and Macarena, at the time. It appears to be heard almost everywhere, and almost everyone loves and hums the song, but the artist and other details, like other songs by the same artist or group, are unknown.

As for me, I liked the song Casablanca, but it wasn’t my favorite or one of my favorites at the time. Nonetheless, on a cassette of some Jessica Jay unknown to me at the time, my father brought the album “Broken Hearted Woman” from his next “voyage” to Moscow. Of course, I listened to it as well, and I really liked the album, I immediately recognized the song “Casablanca.”

Furthermore, there were a lot of songs on the album that was, in my opinion, slightly better than “Casablanca,” but in some ways even better for me. For example, I recall liking the songs “Always,” “One More Try,” and “Broken Hearted Woman.”

By Mariam