The 39-year-old American father of three had a typical life.

He worked in an antique store and enjoyed eating fast food and drinking beer in the evenings.

But a regular hike with the kids in the mountains changed his life forever.

Jeremy went on a hike with the kids to a mountain lake one day, which turned out to be an incredible challenge for him.

The man weighed 127 kg at the time, and he had to stop frequently during the walk.

He literally couldn’t keep up with the kids, who were 9, 7, and 6 years old.

“I felt like some kind of decrepit old man, I had shortness of breath, my heart was jumping out of my chest.

And simple games with kids took away the last strength.

I only remember how bad I was.

Nothing more from the trip.

Then I realized that I needed to change something in my life and started training,” the father of many children shared.

Upon returning home, Peterson changed his lifestyle, he went on a diet, and started going to the gym.

“I lost nearly 40 kg.”

Size 42 clothing was resized to size 33.

And I went from fat and clumsy father to a healthy and strong man.

I began to feel better, even my skin and hair look much healthier,” the man shared.

By Mariam