Ashley was skeptical when her doctors suggested she try a new fertility procedure, and she was surprised when they had an ultrasound six weeks later. Ashley Crandall and her husband Lance have been trying to conceive for nearly four years. Ashley had polycystic ovary syndrome, and Lance had low sperm motility, both of which prevented them from becoming pregnant.

They were extremely fortunate to be able to conceive their first child, Isla, who is now five years old, almost immediately. But it’s been a struggle since then. “There was a time when I thought we’d never be able to give Isla a brother and sister, and I was devastated.” Crandell told TODAY Parents, “I’ve always wanted a big family.” “I tried to stay positive, but there were times when I thought, ‘OK. It’s just not going to happen. Our bodies do not function.”

Ashley and Lance wished to have a large family, but it appeared that this would be a pipe dream. “We’re growing older. “And, you know, we weren’t going to keep trying for kids for a long time,” Ashley admitted. They were now presented with the option of in vitro fertilization, but they were unsure whether they wanted to proceed with the procedure.

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