“Hearing aids are not a magical ‘cure’ for the deaf. Deaf people do not require correction. It’s just a tool for accessing audio, but it was an exciting moment for us.” Christina then begins speaking to her baby, saying, “Yes, hello. I know it’s strange.”

When the little girl hears her mother’s voice for the first time, her face shows a range of emotions. When the child smiles, the mother asks, “Is this funny?” Yes, it’s amusing.” Christina then repeatedly tells her child, “I love you.” The video, which can be viewed here, is captioned “All the emotion when I first hear mom’s voice.”

“So I cried and then laughed,” Kia K explained. She liked it, but she was overly emotional, so she said, “Damn it,” and then she fell in love. A video of a child realizing her father was an identical twin also recently went viral. Aria can be seen sitting on a table in a child seat in the video posted by mom Natalie Fuchs on Instagram. She looks at her father by her side, then back at her uncle, her face filled with shock and awe.

By Mariam

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