You’ve probably noticed that having a positive outlook on your physique has become extremely in right now.

On the Internet, there are an increasing number of candid pictures of plus-size models, nursing mothers, and delivery scenes.

For instance, what is beautiful is not natural.

Robert Baker, a somewhat well-known American photographer and native of beautiful California, recently had the notion to document childbirth at home.

By the way, the couple that accepted had already given birth at home before.

They made the decision to use a camera to capture this process.

The couple was expecting twins, but they were also surprised with another baby!

Although Robert Baker specialized in shooting childbirths and has more than 70 of them in his portfolio, this is the first time the photographer has come across this.

If you wish to see a miraculous birth at home, look at the pictures.

The first child was delivered safely.

On its way was the second.

Nobody in attendance anticipated it.

The second baby was born in an amniotic sac or, as they say, in a shirt.

A rather rare event!

Guided by the maternal instinct, the woman opened the amniotic sac on her own and removed the cub.

Fortunately, everything went well.

This couple is undoubtedly lucky: photos from the birth of twins will forever remain in their photographic archives.

By Mariam

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