Plastic surgery transformed the girl with the grandmother’s face into a young beauty.

That the girl is only 15 years old is difficult to comprehend.

She is only a teenager, even if she appears much older.

The girl and the grandmother are frequently confused.

She actually acquired the illness from her mother, who also carries it.

Xiao Feng did not experience any differences from other children during her upbringing, and she had a hazy idea of what beauty was.

But the girl’s sense of social rejection grew as she grew older.

Because of her peculiar appearance, she was all by herself and had no companions.

The girl is quite fortunate.

A fundraiser has started for her in order to help her to become beautiful and transform her lonely life.

However, the money collected was not enough, so the doctors made an exception and suggested a 70% discount.

The money went to plastic surgery and the subsequent treatment of Xiao Feng.

Surgeons removed excess skin, tightened it, and changed the shape of the nose, lips and facial contours.

As a result, Xiao Feng became a real beauty.

The girl is very happy, she believes that her life will change for the better.