The mother left her 1-year-old child unattended for a number of days. Unexpectedly, the narrative got a sequel.

This is a tale that the citizens of the city will never forget.

They once overheard a young child screaming loudly coming from the residence.

At first, it appeared to them that there were several young children inside, and the screaming persisted for a number of hours or perhaps days.

After seeing that the light in the house had been off for several days, bystanders finally made the decision to call the police.

The authorities were astonished by what they observed when they went inside the house.

The living room was dark, and there was a young child alone.

She was lying on the dirty floor, there was no one at home, only the one-year-old girl.

The owners moved out, taking everything with them except the little one.

The girl was hospitalized, where the doctors said that her hip was broken, the little one was severely emaciated.

The girl spent at least a week in this house on her own.

It turned out that the girl’s name was Liza, the police were looking for her parents, but to no avail.

They disappeared.

The girl was then required to be placed in an orphanage where she would remain until she was picked out for adoption.

This anecdote demonstrates once more how unkind parents can be to their kids and how uncaring neighbors and bystanders can be when they hear a newborn crying uncontrollably.

Let’s begin observing one another.