I believe I have never seen anything more adorable. She appeared so content that I broke down in tears. Nothing is more enchanted than this.

Our baby girl, who is 3 months old, tried on her glasses for the first time tonight, according to her mother. We became aware that she couldn’t actually see us, couldn’t track us, and had eyes that kept wandering about at around two months. We’ve been taking her to a pediatric ophthalmologist, who recently prescribed her glasses after determining that she has astigmatism and extreme farsightedness. I’m so happy that we caught this on camera tonight. It was just too cute not to share in our opinion!

After a short while, this newborn girl’s expression shows an instantaneous recognition as she looks up at her mother’s face and says, “WOW! Mommy! I can see you! They simply coo together in happiness for the remainder of the film. That is such a touching scene.

Most parents assume their children will always be able to see them. This video demonstrates that’s not always the case, and now that the baby girl can see her mother, she will have a clearer perspective on the rest of the world.

Unsurprisingly, the first thing that comes to mind is why a baby could require glasses. After around two months, they started to notice that she wasn’t seeing properly, and she was eventually identified as having nystagmus, a syndrome that combines farsightedness and astigmatism. As you can see, the glasses managed to address the issue and she can now see considerably better. Isn’t she lovely?

By Mariam

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