In this amusing clip, a little child chooses to high-five the priest as he pronounces the blessing. But only because she believed it was the reason he had raised his hand. And everyone was cracking up at her lovely error! It looks like this film was shot in a European nation. The officiant is speaking in a different language, and the church is more elaborate and large than those we generally see in the United States. But it is obvious what is taking place.

Little Miss has arrived with her godmother, who has also dressed appropriately for the occasion, wearing a frilly white outfit. The priest is to “present” her to the church. In the Catholic church, the presentation is more of a ritual or custom than a sacrament. It might or might not be done alongside baptism. And it can happen to people of different ages. According to some statistics, kids are typically between 40 days and 3 years old.

In any case, the child has the chance to be blessed with protection, which is a very important thing! However, kids can act in the most bizarre ways at times! The priest blesses this young cherub after making the sign of the cross. However, she believes it to be a command to high-five the priest.

By Mariam

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