For the first time, an adorable baby meets a new Golden Retriever puppy… VIDEO

If you properly introduce your dogs and toddlers, they will become great friends. Dog-baby interactions can provide benefits other than furry love. According to studies, babies who are raised with pets are far less likely to develop dog allergies as they grow older. 1 Ignorant puppy and active babies, on the other hand, can injure or even terrorize each other. When expecting a new baby, prepare your puppy ahead of time to ensure a safe interaction.

Most puppies are fascinated by babies because they smell so good: milk, baby food, poop… what’s not to love? Adult dogs that are confident and well-socialized can be tolerant of toddlers as long as they recognize that they have not yet grown up.

Many puppies and adult dogs, on the other hand, are inexperienced with infants or toddlers, who may become terrified if they follow your pet, tug at its tail, or make strange shrill sounds. Crawling babies can mimic prey behavior with their sounds and actions. Cautionary dogs may switch to play mode or take a defensive stance, growling and showing teeth to ward off the “scary” creature. Neither option is a great way to start a positive experience for both the dog and the child.