She speaks with such force. This young girl is extraordinary. 🎥VIDEO

Rema Marvanne, a seven-year-old, has gone viral for a variety of reasons. She sings beautifully, which is one of the reasons why. She published a cover of the gospel song “Amazing Grace” in 2010 along with a music video. Rema stepped out of the car gently and went into the closest chapel while wearing an elegant white dress.

She sang in a soft but powerful voice, “Amazing grace, how lovely is the sound / That saved a wretch like me / I was once lost, but now I have found / I was blind, but now I see.” She continued her heavenly performance while seated on the wooden bench, astounded the audience with her flawless vocals and performance.

Rema has led her audience on a tour of several peaceful settings, such as a fanciful meadow with pleasant winds and a lovely porch with stained glass windows and antique wicker furniture. With a flawless performance of “It was Grace that taught my heart to fear/And Grace, my anxieties eased/How precious that grace turned out to be/The hour I first believed in,” Rema dazzled the audience while showcasing her vocal prowess.