Grandma, 94, greets her grandchild for the first time in the video.

The delights of first steps, words, and birthdays may make being a grandmother for the first time extremely fulfilling and enjoyable. Being a new grandparent comes with its share of difficulties, from figuring out how much time is “appropriate” to spend together to know whether to share parenting advice.

Make the most of the moments you’ve seen, whether you’re waiting for your first grin or your first steps. Mark every accomplishment, no matter how big or small, and don’t forget to document your progress for the future. Always keep a camera or a journal on you… And if a memorable event happens without your parents, be sure to call them!

Be ready for those crucial Skype calls if you are a long-distance grandmother. And if you are refused contact with your grandchild or grow distant from him for any reason, take steps to learn more about your rights as grandparents and make an effort to keep all lines of communication open (if at all feasible) to demonstrate that you are always available.