Dad runs on stage to assist his daughter in overcoming stage fright at her dance recital… VIDEO

Mark Daniels rose to fame as a father after saving his daughter in this endearing performance. Mark Daniels has risen to prominence in the parenting world. Many people were moved by his tender love for his daughter. But what happened to cause people to feel this way? His daughter was a little overwhelmed at the dress rehearsal. Daniels had a problem with his two-year-old daughter.

Isabella suffered from stage fright. Instead of dancing with her friends, Isabella sobbed on the floor. Her father tried unsuccessfully to console her offstage. Daniels, a muscular Bermuda lawyer, was caught off guard by a backstage breakdown. He realized that more action was required.

Dad comes to the rescue. He realized he had to go see his little daughter, so he did. Among all these little ballerinas, Daniels made his way to the distraught daughter. Dad even began to demonstrate dance numbers to help his daughter feel more at ease on stage.